Karma’s a b….

Ta'Mira W

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It’s 11 am and Mira was drastically digging through her purse for her run-away car keys, once again this would only prove the point that she is always late and that she often procrastinated. After what seemed like an hour she finally found her missing keys and to her dismay, she’d have to drive fast if she wanted to make it to class at a “still late but decent” time. Giving her outfit one last check in the mirror before walking out the door to the shiny red car she had always admired, of course, she had the next model to the RT, so it was only natural for her to have the beloved “need for speed”. After getting in and locking the door she checked the time and panicked even more as she wasted 10 minutes lollygagging around; she cranked the car and in one quick glance she pulled off. She was sure no one was going to be on the road as she sped through the streets, her frantic eyes scanning viciously for cops as she couldn’t afford another ticket, she California rolled her stop signs as usual and nearly got hit this time. The loud blast of horns filled the air as she sped past the angry man showing him the finger she bared with a matching grin of selfish triumph; Mira arrived at school in record time. If you ignore the angry fists and occasional cutting people off, she could’ve been a model citizen in the driving world. Jerking the red Avenger into the closest park she could find, Mira hopped out and threw her bag over her shoulder with an infamous smile on her face as she ran into the road, stopping to reach for the buzzing phone in her pocket, Mira scrolled through her emails with annoyance as she had been over the ordeal and the courts deemed her free, she mindlessly wondered why she still received these constant reminders of her near fatal car accident. Too bad she never bothered to look up as the speeding truck didn’t see her standing obliviously in the road, While she laid twitching and gasping for help in the seemingly ignorant street, none came but instead the distant view of Travis’s mangled corpse answered her voiceless plea, the young man she had been responsible for killing late last year, smiled in her bloodied face. He contorted his maimed body to kneel beside her disfigured frame and whispered sweetly into her ear as her final moments played out. “Karma’s a B—-.”