I destroyed my life

Jessica W

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I destroyed my life. I didn’t mean to. I would ride in the car with my sister and whenever she pulled out her phone, I’d watch the road to make sure she didn’t hit anyone, or the light had turned green. I always told myself that I wouldn’t touch my phone when I started to drive. It was a simple rule to live by, and an easy one to break. I didn’t even think. My phone alerted me that I had received a text and I looked down, just a quick glance to see who it was. I didn’t notice the guy ahead of me was slowing down and I promised to be so careful. That quick glance and then everything went black. When I came to, I was in an ambulance and my mistake had caused two other drivers to crash; one crashed into the rear of my car and the other swerved and hit a tree. I tried to talk but no words escaped. I saw the covered body. The woman who hit me didn’t have a seat belt on and went flying through her window, right into my car. I had unintentionally ended her life. My dream college never sent me an email saying I got in. My license was revoked until I took the test again. My family looked at me differently. I had to work at a fast food restaurant to pay for the damages to my car, but I couldn’t drive anymore and the car rides with my mother were tense and awkward. She never looked away from the road. She never looked at me. I never looked away from the road. I promised myself I wouldn’t look at my phone, but I did and now I’m paying the price. Please, don’t look at your phone when you drive, even if you expect it to be quick. Your simple glance could be the biggest mistake of your life and it could destroy yours or someone else’s life.