Ending the End

Clay C

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The thought of loosing a loved one is one nobody ever wants to encounter. Let alone, knowing that they died in a car crash reading a text that you sent them. Actions like these can lead to terrible deaths of people all over the world. It’s not just text that lead to peoples demise while driving. It’s any type of distraction that takes the drivers attention off the road. The best way to reduce the amount of distractions is to take a few steps. The first step, take a break from your phone. No text nor phone is worth losing your life over. If needed try and use an app to disable your phones features when driving. Once a person has the self control to put the phone away you can lead to the next step. Next, don’t try to intentionally distract yourself while driving because you’re bored. We take driving less seriously than we should and try and distract ourselves because we think it’s so boring. However, It’s driving its not supposed to be fun it can be a matter of life or death. So don’t try and distract yourself with intense games or anything to take the minds full focus off of driving. Minor conversations and light brainteasers are okay to help the driver stay awake and alert. Last step, don’t have peer pressure passengers or PPP. Having PPP can cause the driver to be pressured into doing things that are not safe for the road. If you have a passenger that is with you presently trying to get you to do something dangerous do your best to ignore it. If you can’t then pullover and tell the passenger to either quit or get out, because no action is worth loosing your life over. If you can in the first place tell the PPP that they cannot ride with you. Take all of these steps to do whatever you can to be as safe as possible. No one ever wants the guilty conscious of killing someone and all of their memories and killing peoples emotions through the pain of losing that loved one. All because you just had to answer that text from your friend that was asking “What’s up?”