A Lesson Learned

Quincy J

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When you’re a new driver, You may think you know all the rules, The ones you’ve heard from your parents, And those you’ve learned in school. Many parents repeat the “Do’s and Don’t’s” At least a hundred times, They remind us constantly, that reckless and distracting driving, Is among our serious crimes. There are so many distractions when driving, Such as texting, taking eyes off the road, putting on makeup, are just a few, So focus on your driving, Because that’s what you’re suppose to do. When you take to the roads, Maintain focus and stay alert, Drive with care and consider others, So no one gets hurt. Driving requires so much attention, And you must always be aware, That if you’re reckless and a collision occurs, That’s a terrible burden to bear. Sometimes crashes happen beyond our control, But being reckless is a serious fault, It is not a game, nor is it excused, A mourning family could be the result.