Automatic Phone Alert

Hannah Y

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An immense issue facing teen drivers today are the distractions posed by cell phones. This project is aimed at decreasing the strikingly high amount of teen accidents and injuries that result from cell phone usage in the vehicle. I propose that there be an alarm installed in vehicles that will alert drivers when their cell phone is on his/her person. Given the fact that teens will inevitably respond every single time there is a notification on their cell phone; it is fair to assume that they will respond equally as fast to an alarm going off in their car. Therefore, it is my belief that this alarm system will prevent there from being more needless, thoughtless accidents on the road due to cell phones. While some believe that this alarm might only encourage teen drivers to put their earphones in to avoid the annoying sound of the alarm, the best evidence indicates that the alarm will nearly force them to remove their phone from his/her person in order to drive properly. I hope that this suggestion will not fall on deaf ears, but will instead be put to use in twenty-first century society.