Preventing Reckless Driving

Kayla M

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Ever since the beginning of their invention, cars have been one of the brightest and most convenient ways to travel. They are used worldwide and showcased all over commercials and airstations, what people fail to mention are the many sacrifices we take everyday just by stepping into a vehicle. Children all over the nation aspire to someday be able to own their own car, however, they don’t realize that many young people die everyday from fatal collisions. The risk of car crashes quadruples with three or more passengers under 21 years of age in the car together. These statistics need awareness raised towards them, to help save the lives of people who are driving. A great way to solve reckless driving amongst teenagers and new drivers is to spread awareness to them and others who may begin to drive soon. Many kids are not able to put themselves in the shoes of others who are affected by reckless driving, having fundraisers and people speak at schools to tell them the reality of driving being behind the wheel is a very simple solution to the problem. Commercials are beginning to air on regular television that try to warn and scare teens of the effects of reckless driving. What many of these people don’t know is that teens are not so focused on television anymore as much as they are their cell phone. At least 1 in 4 car collisions result in the use of cell phones. Instead of showing these commercials and ads mainly on television, the media and other groups should invest in promoting themselves in places people are unable to miss (their phone). Another solution to preventing reckless driving is to heavily enforce the law that everyone needs to wear a seat belt. Not only does this fall upon teens, but on adults who are their role models. Parents are huge influences on how teens think they should drive, allowing parents to get away with specific rules and regulations towards driving will make teens think that they are invincible. Police officers should keep an eye out for drivers who break rules, someday laws should also be passed in regards to raising the fine that is paid for breaking these laws. There are a variety of solutions that could be made to end the reckless driving epidemic that affect teens and adults alike. The ability to start a campaign or become a role model for a beginning driver begins with one person. That one person is enough to create change and inspire others to think before they get behind the wheel.