Life is to short

Benrice P

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Reckless driving is very dangerous. Reckless driving can sadly take a life or two. Our lives are all connected. Driving recklessly will not only harm you, but it may harm someone/something else. If only you were not so busy trying to send a text back to your friend You wouldn’t have missed the stop sign. If only you were more focused on the road and not on the screen in front of you You would still be here. We, as humans, are so immersed in technology, social media. Etc. We fail to see the real things in front of us. We live in this body we have currently ONCE! We don’t truly know if we will have another chance to live another life again. Maybe…or maybe not. We should not take our lives for granted. Our life is our life. The funny post that your friend tagged you in is not important right now Especially while you are driving Because for the time for you to reach down and grab your phone To click on that notification And read the post The time it may take you to understand it And laugh out loud for it is so hilarious It may be too late. You missed the turn The car rolls down the ditch. And if you are not ´lucky´ Your family just lost a member. Because of your recklessness, you have changed your families life. The post was not important at the time. When you are driving, the most important things are you, the passengers and getting to your destination. A funny post or a laugh-out-loud text is not worth a life. So PUT the phone on silence or at least vibrate Keep the conversations to a minimum For they may be a distraction also. Don’t blast your music super loud For they block out other sounds that may be of real importance, A car horn. Police sirens. The sound of children playing with their friends. Nothing is worth more than a life. Do well for your safety and the safety of others. Wear your seatbelts. Actually, use two hands on the wheel. Don’t drive with your knees. Don’t text and drive. Actually, sit on your seat. Passengers don’t cause risks for the driver. Keep your voices low. Don’t jump around. These things can wait. You need to wait For your lives depend on it. Keep your eyes on the road. The minute you enter in your car Think of it as a mission. A mission to get to your destination safely. The world is a crazy place Filled with reckless drivers YOU don’t have to be one too. YOU can be better. YOU can be safer YOU can save a life And YOU can save yours too. In the end, it’s all up to you. The choice is in your hands. Just remember the lives of those you know And even those you don’t Depends on your hands 10 and 2 on the wheel Eyes straight ahead On a mission for survival I know you will survive.