Don’t close your eyes

Camisha M

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Stop noo .. wait go Red light Green light 1,2,3 What about yellow light which stands for sllloww down If your not careful one day you’ll leave your phone behind Is your life not as valuable as your cell phone? Make up can wait within seconds your beautiful Face can whisk away going high speed on a highway Has it every crossed your mind you won’t see your family again Lose of focus the message says “I love you” now head on the airbag A voice says my child don’t stop opening your eyes Phone dings No reply Suspicion arise, missed dinner Now my mom cries It took nine months to make me A few seconds and a text to be the end of me Was the distraction a need for reaction Don’t close your eyes baby girl Is it a blessing in disguise to help spread the words DON”T TEXT and DRIVE Teaching your peers to avoid temptation Could’ve been the next president, lawyer, or doctor Now I lay lifeless Stop the distraction Bring on the attraction Put on your seat belt and take action