The Text that Stole a Life

Jessie L

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Dear Driver, When you got in your car, did you know you were going to kill her? When you sat down behind the wheel, were you expecting that text? Did you know that you were going to kill my little sister? When your friends told you to put your phone down, why did you not listen? You tore my family apart. My little sister was 10. When you came into our lane, my dad tried to dodge your car, but it was to late. You came at us head on. By the time I woke up, and was able to realize what was going on, I heard sirens. I saw my little sister laying in the middle of the road, covered in blood. I knew she had no chance. People were rushing around. Traffic came to a stand still. There were people I had never seen.They were all coming to help. Where were you? Oh that’s right. You were in your car, shocked at what you were witnessing. When you asked John a question, he didn’t respond. His eyes had already glazed over. You weren’t sure if he was dead or alive. This is something no one should ever have to witness. Are you enjoying your time in jail? Remember your friend John, yeah he is in the hospital, trying to come back from severe brain damage. You are the only one who didn’t have major injuries. Was it worth it? Was that text worth my sister’s life, and possibly John’s? Amy had so much potential. She was a happy little girl who loved soccer. She played on a travel team. She had potential to play at higher levels, and you took that from her. You took away her wedding day, her first dance, high school; all taken, ripped out of her hands, without a say. She never got to experience all of life’s joys. This all could have been avoided. Turn your phone off next time you get behind the wheel. Turn down your radio. And lastly, please slow down. It is possible my sister would still be here if you weren’t driving so fast when you hit us. Sincerely, Jessie Amy’s older sister