Brenna C

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My idea to keep drivers safer is to have a siri type model on the phone. It is an app that could have access to music apps, and texting. This app would also be able to hear your voice and follow the commands you tell it to. For example, you could say something like, “play Female Energy on soundcloud”, and the app having access to soundcloud would go on soundcloud and find the song youre talking about. This would be beneficial because siri only has access to apple music, and not everyone can afford that. Another thing this app would have to make it different would be the option to read you text messages while you’re driving, so you dont pick your phone up to look at them. It also would be able to open snapchat text messages and reply to those as well. In terms of safety, this app would have triple A on it in case a car accident happens. They would be able to notify the police as well. This app is all about safety for the driver without having to give them the temptation to look at their phone.