Jassic C


Your phone is ringing. Buzzing, beckoning for you to just look over for a moment. To take your eyes off the road to see what’s so important, it’ll only take a moment. You look at the road no other cars your phone is still ringing. You give in, taking your eyes off the road you pick up your phone to check why it was ringing. You only looked away for a second and suddenly everything stopped. You didn’t see the other car and hit it in the back passenger door. Your head hit the the dash, your ears are ringing. The sirens of police cars are ringing out, light flashing. The woman driving the car you hit is screaming, firefighters getting her daughter out of the back seat. The seat of the door you hit. They pull her out she’s bleeding. You phone again starts ringing, your head is ringing, the sirens are ringing. This can’t happen you only looked away for a second. It was just a second. Things like this take longer than a few seconds, don’t they?


Most teenagers seem to think that checking their phones while in the car only takes a second and thus it doesn’t take long enough to case anything bad to happen, especially if they believe that the road around them is empty. This however is not true and the few seconds it takes to check a ringing phone is more than long enough for something to happen.