To see a friend

Laura B

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A long road a head, I simply wish to see a friend. Where the road bends, That’s the turn my friend? A simple question I meant no harm. That should have been the alarm. “Hang up and check.” She spoke. I did not see the harm, I kept going. But something is wrong something is showing. Like a bird diving to the ground, My life left with a pound. A simple turn to know, The road didn’t show. The truck that stopped. I only wished to see a friend. Now I must say I am sorry my friend. I wish you to know the past. I was going to fast. If only I stopped, life had just begun. My friend I say to you, life long and learn from me. I will watch gou grow wishing to be seen by you. Alas you will grow never seeing your friend. I pray to the heavens now the mistake I made and the advice you gave. I pray you follow as you spoke. Maybe then I would have seen my friend.