Permanent Pit Stop

Monica S


A warm spring afternoon tempted me to go out. There isn’t any traffic in the early afternoon. The turnpike was a shopping cart in a parking lot White and yellow lanes with no one in them. I wasn’t in a rush but I had all this space. I kept my foot on the gas just a little bit longer Going through all green lights. My car rested in the garage all winter. I missed the linger of gasoline. My old Nisson was a Nascar Desiring more speed with every roar. The oncoming cars were yelling at me But weren’t they ever young before? Sirens started to scream in the distance. The police were a swarm of bees chasing after me I slammed my brakes Uneager for the consequences. The only ride I will be taking is to my room To find a way to pay fat fines Without leaving the house While everyone else drives Freely in the summer.


This poem uses olfactory and visual imagery, alliteration, and figurative language to convey that reckless driving comes with consequences. Teens will be discouraged from driving recklessly because their parents will force them to pay the fines for their mistakes.