Don’t Text and Drive, Live and Thrive!

Christian Q

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Imagine having everything you love and know vanish in an instant. The memories you’ve made throughout your life, the friends you’ve met, the loves you shared, the dreams and aspirations you’ve developed in hopes to one day be on top of the world, all of that gone. Without warning. Something like this can sound like a complete nightmare, and although it is, it is a fatal reality that many individuals face because of an “lol.” Texting and driving are a real threat to not only young teens on the roads, but also grown adults. Just a simple glance at the bright tiny screen could cost more than one expects. It not only puts the driver at harm, but also posses a threat to other innocent individuals and families on the road. Don’t let an insignificant text message take everything that you love and cherish away from you. Value your life more and just wait when you’re not driving to reply. It can ALWAYS wait. Your life comes first.