Paige H


You drive down the abandoned road with trees on either side The rain plummets down on the windshield Plop, plop, plop You were never one to look at your phone while driving Didn’t want to risk it But tonight was different, no one was on the road Sure, it was pouring and your vision wasn’t that great But it would only be for a second One Small Second. . . You look down at your phone. The next thing you remember is the blue and red flashes of police cars and ambulances You look over and see a crumpled wreckage But it was only one second Not even an entire minute. . . But that didn’t matter. The rain fell and fell and fell. . . The night turned black.


The premise behind this poem is that, even though you looked down for a second, on an abandoned road, accidents can still happen. Which is why, even if you think it’s safe, it really never is.