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The invention I believe that would reduce the percentage of distracted and under the influence driver’s. It will be a device that is built into the car or vehicle it would disable all the devices in the car or the vehicle, it would only allow a S.O.S signal to be sent if and when you are in a event that you caused or someone else caused because they are distracted or under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The device will work like jammer because it is blocking all the devices from working in the car or vehicle it will also have you put in your destination location and give you the safest route to take. That part of the device we’ll be connected to a satellite that is updating the device every second of everyday so you can get to your destination safely. That will also be the part that only works to one person in the vehicle or car because you can only restrigrater one fingerprint to the device so it will automatically shut you out if your not the person that is registered in the device. The device will be able to be installed in all car even the 1900’s and early 2000’s because that is the only the percentage will be cut in half or reduce to a complete zeroin the future. The location of the device well be the dashboard and a little chip in the engine computer. The chip well be a fail safe so if someone tries to hack the dashboard location of the device. The chip will automatically kick in when it sense something wrong in the dashboard location of the car or vehicle. It will still have all the functions the dashboard has but this well have a app so you can run it from the car or vehicle before you get in the car. So the only thing besides the S.O.S signal that well work on your phone is the app for the device. The device we’ll be easily transformable from one car or vehicle to another car or vehicle. The chip will be compatible with any make and model of a car and the year and technology of the car and vehicle does not matter at all. The device will also be able to sense anything wrong with the car or vehicle before the waring lights go off in the car or vehicle. The chip will do any all car or vehicle scan before you put it in to drive. The dashboard location of the device well have a gps service that will have a voice that tells you to turn, to slow down your speed, and tells you to pull over if the chip sense something is wrong with the car or vehicle. The two with be linked a single wire from the chip to the dashboard location of the device that ways they can work as a team to keep the driver and passengers and the other drivers and passengers on the road. The safed of everyone on the road does matter if they are in a safe environment. No one likes to be in a unsafe environment because they feel like they are endangered. The devices will be the only thing can and will change how the future of driving will be and how safe it will be. It will also be able to tell by a heart pulse singuarture if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs, and tell if you are distracted at all.