A day I will DEFINITELY remember

Itzanami R


I remember this day like any other . I was walking to school like I usually do . A normal day like any other . The only difference is I didn’t say “I love you” to my mother . Instead I yelled and said things I didn’t mean . I was thinking of that moment , when suddenly I snapped back to reality . I was only inches away from the moving vehicle that pulled the break so hard it was that noise that brought me back . I stood there full of anger , sadness, shock . Because for one , I saw my life flash before my eyes. When I ended up walking away to get on the other side of the street , I only saw the was the man with the phone in his hand yelling at me and saying that I should watch out next time . I didn’t know what to think . The only thing wandering in my mind was “Oh my God …what just happened …I almost …” . That’s how I spent most of my afternoon . At the end , this could’ve been my last day . And if were to be , I wouldn’t be able to believe that I started my day yelling and not telling my mom that I love her too . I would start my day again to tell her how much I love her and appreciate the things she does fo me no matter what happens .


Basically , I wrote about how a girl was walking to school but on her way there , she was remembering about what happened that morning . she argued with her mother and while thinking about the whole thing , she almost got ran over by a distracted driver . This shows that majority of the time, people don’t make it to tell their loved ones that they love them.Maybe they had an argument or were upset with each other , whatever the situation was , this could impact both the driver and those who get caught in the accident due to reckless driving . Next time , We should remember there’s people that love us and losing us would be the biggest pain they will ever feel . We need to keep in mind that anything we need to do can wait because our life is even more precious and better when we spend it with the people around us rather than the last minutes of life we have left because of reckless and driving . This also goes for the ones who get easily distracted .