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Hey Hey you Sure, you’ll read this within minutes Perhaps seconds But it has taken me time Time that could have been spent paying attention Time that could be spent on what lies ahead of me Perhaps you have been engaged Or you are merely skimming over But nonetheless you have been spending time Time Time is the most valuable currency You can spend it all you want But you can never earn it back Do you hear me? You are living the dream You have so many perks in life It’s crazy to think that we cannot live without our technology But we can At least, that’s what I would like to believe My friend Are you out there? You could and should have been here with me Watch the sun rise with me Let’s conquer the day together Do you hear me? Are you out there? We could have been living life as we were meant to do Together Forever But you had to pick it up You had to ignore the task ahead of you You CHOSE to pick it up These words are more for myself than you But perhaps you may find comfort in what I create This has taken me time Time that can never be returned And like you I long for the clock to be turned back Hey Hey you Are you out there? I’m still living this life But it’s not the same It will never be the same