Wake Back Up

Brooke P

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Sitting on the ground, all I could do was look down. Head in my hands, tears running down my arms. My hair was matted, blood speckled my face, but I told them to help her first. I didn’t deserve help. i was the one who ended up to cause this pain, let me feel it. I tried and tried and tried. When it happened, I had grabbed his shoulders first. shaking them back and forth. Almost forcing him to open his eyes again. Wanting him to breath in again, to feel his pulse again, a strong one. I told him to keep breathing, how help was coming and they would be here soon. Yet, he didn’t listen. He began to give up on me. They were currently trying to do everything in there to save him. Or enough to keep him alive until mother and father arrived. Enough to be able to tell his parents that he died at the hospital instead of at the scene. If only I hadn’t looked down at my phone. If only I hadn’t responded to the unnecessary text to my boyfriend. If only I had seen that he didn’t have his seat belt on. If only I had saw the corner coming in front of us. If only I had put my phone down. I wouldn’t be sitting here praying to go. Praying that he didn’t lose enough blood or have any major injuries. Wake up, please just wake up. I am sorry brother. Please, just let my brother wake up.