I Am From


I am from Big Bird says buckle up Booster seats at 7 years old Backseat riding until 14 Everyone buckle up before mommy or daddy starts driving I am from Conversations in the car If the car is moving, all cell phones are snoozing Practice what you see No texting and driving Not even from the passenger seat I am from Technology driven days Social media craze Siri and Google commands The many distractions behind the wheel I am from Safe driving habits My little sister is now watching Model what was modeled for me I am from; She will be from Let the cycle continue Big Bird says buckle up…….


My parents always practice safe driving habits. So, “I am from” represents the safe driving they modeled for me with all the possible distractions. Now, I have a 5 year old sister and although my parents model good driving habits for her, I, too want to model those habits.