Solutions to Phone Usage During Driving

Gabrielle J

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When many high schoolers turn sixteen, the first thing they want to do is get their license and enjoy a new level of freedom. In drivers training, all instructors must talk about the dangers of using their phones while driving. The problem does not come from a lack of knowledge rather the attitude many teens have of separation to the issue. When it comes to car accidents due to phone usage while driving, many teenagers do not believe that it would happen to them. They think that car accidents happen because of poor drivers, but this is not the case. The reality is that one in four car collisions in America are a result of phone usage. This means the problem is much greater than a few people getting their license when they should not have. This is the reality of the 21st century. The question is how can this epidemic be solved? One solution is making apps such as Facebook and twitter unusable while traveling at a speed higher than 25mph. Although for some apps a passenger or driver option is given, this simple addition to the applications could be added to all apps. While selecting the screen should show only one solid color, from there that app should be voice activated unless passenger is chosen. This way, if someone absolutely needed to respond to a message, they would be able to do so without needing to look at their screen. Another option would be a game that rewards driver for not using their phone. The app should be a GPS with a reward system for every mile driven that the driver does not switch to another app. Again, the app should only be activated past 25mph, but this would be for only drivers. If enough points are earned from not changing apps while driving a game or avatar should unlock. This would encourage users to gain as many points as possible by staying off their phone.