The Bright Yellow Dress

Michaela N

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The car vibrated with the rumbling of bass, and it roared as I sang louder. The sun radiated into the car with love, it was mesmerizingly beautiful. It was like the clouds were beneath me and I was driving on them. The day felt timeless. But my world – as I knew it, would soon became a never-ending time loop of sadness. All because of a song. A song that I can recite every lyric to. I think about her, everyday. The little girl in the bright yellow dress, running across the road. Guilt runs through my bloodstream, I know I’ll think about her, the day I graduate, the day I get married, the day I become a mom. Part of my soul died that day. Believing you’re invincible, is nothing more than ignorance. By the time I looked up from the radio, it was moments too late. I can only hope that you will take into consideration, the effects of distracted driving. I promise you, with every rivioting thought I have, it is fatal.