Will never BRB

Dallas B


It’s dark. I think I hear voices, but they are very faint. No one seems to hear my response. I know I am talking. It can wait. I am cold. Where am I? I was driving to my friend’s house. I need to answer her text, I am almost there. It can wait. Look, a deer, how pretty. I hope it doesn’t jump into the road. I should send a picture of her to my friend. It can wait. Am I asleep? I am really getting cold. Where is everybody going? I need to text my mom. It has to wait. I can’t touch my phone. I can’t move my arms. I think I am floating. Not yet. Just one last text. BRB. It could have waited.


My mom always sends me information and videos on the hazards of texting and driving. My first car had a note on my glove box that said, “my cell phone is in here, in case of emergency”. She didn’t want me to be tempted while I was driving. I will admit, I have used my phone while I drive. I know it is really not safe. The idea for this scholarship opportunity, gave me an idea on how to stop myself from being distracted while I drive. I know the dangers and I know the consequences. But I also know the temptations. Most teens think this, and live through these thoughts mentioned above, daily. My own writing just made me re-think my drive home today. Your logo, your purpose, “It can wait” is 100% true. Thank you for making us aware.