The Girl in the Casket

Kennedy C

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Bouquets of flowers were scattered across the room. The pews were filled with sorrowful faces. A picture was placed at the front of the room. The photograph showed a happy girl running in a field, a smile plastered on her lively face. Directly across the room laid the girl. The smile no longer lay on her face, the color no longer rushed through her veins. There in the last row sat her teachers shocked and hurt. Once a great student now is gone. Up a few rows head down tears streaming down her face sat the girls trembling best friend. Every memory they once had flashed before her. Surrounding her sat the girls fellow classmates, wide eyed and heavy hearted. Sitting in the front pew sat the girls parents.The husband stayed strong for his wife and the girl who laid before him but still the sleepless nights could be seen in his eyes and his unshaven face. Once a beautiful joyful women now had bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheeks. Holding her husband’s hand she began to shake sobbing. Wondering if she hadn’t picked up her phone to send that text if her little girl would still be here. Was replying to one person while driving more important than her daughters life? The mom stood up walking to the casket and falling to her knees. Grasping her daughter’s hand she apologized to the limp body because nothing was more important than her little girl and she would never forgive herself.