Pay Attention to the Road

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There’s a message for you That I’d like to share For distracted reckless drivers In whom I care You know that one cause is When you have the urge to text They stop everything Not seeing what’s next They say, “What’s the deal?” I can text and drive.” Now, here’s a solution That might change your mind- Turn your phone off Pay attention to the road And when you stop driving Your texts will load. Now here’s a solution You all may want to know. When you hit a red light Then will your texts load? Now you trust me Not to make a car crash? From a red stoplight That turns green fast? Well,attach this setting To Google maps This accounting for stoplights And avoiding traps. Then in a parking lot A text stop, gas station When your in a safe place Avoiding Tarnation Your texts well load (And I hope you’ll be happy) To be a safe diver And not text trigger happy.