Pay Attention to the Road


There’s a message for you That I’d like to share For distracted reckless drivers In whom I care You know that one cause is When you have the urge to text They stop everything Not seeing what’s next They say, “What’s the deal?” I can text and drive.” Now, here’s a solution That might change your mind- Turn your phone off Pay attention to the road And when you stop driving Your texts will load. Now here’s a solution You all may want to know. When you hit a red light Then will your texts load? Now you trust me Not to make a car crash? From a red stoplight That turns green fast? Well,attach this setting To Google maps This accounting for stoplights And avoiding traps. Then in a parking lot A text stop, gas station When your in a safe place Avoiding Tarnation Your texts well load (And I hope you’ll be happy) To be a safe diver And not text trigger happy.


This poem I was originally considering to do as av radio but decided to do it as a poem instead. It’s suggesting for phone companies to put phones on airplane mode when driving automatically, turning off that setting when stopped, but sensing when it’s a stoplight, and counting that as driving. If someone needs to check their phone so much that they have to do it at stoplights, than they might be addicted to texting and shouldn’t in the first place.