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Rene G

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As a young adult myself, I will admit that I get very distracted when driving. My way of getting distracted can be so much different from the thousands of teen drivers. There are multiple ways of getting distracted such as using your phone while driving. This is one of the biggest distractions when driving on the road. teens tend to reach for their phone and se it while driving which can cause problems such as getting pulled over and getting a ticket or the biggest concern which is getting in a car accident. one way we can resolve this is by just leaving your phone aside and wait until your reach your destination. Although we think that its easy to just not look at our phone it is really not. a way that I would resolve this problem would be to at least wait until you are at a red light or when you are at a full complete stop that would last up to at least 2 minutes. if you HAVE to look at your phone and reply to an emergency then I suggest you to pull over to a parking lot or into a neighborhood and turn the car off and quickly reply and resume you trip.