Mireya D

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I’m an adult now Mom doesn’t need to tell me what to do I can take care of myself, nothing can stop me I am young and free I will push the boundaries since I am a mature fifteen. So many warnings and cautionary tales Don’t drink, don’t text And always look at the road So many exaggerated stories They aren’t real I’m smart enough to avoid the crash. We just wanted a night out A bit of fun Things got rowdy, but when does it not Friends know how to have a good time I have no reason to question them Let my pal take the wheel from the passenger side Just because he wanted to. And boom. I saw the bright lights and afterwards it blurs Laying now in the inbetween Unaware of what I have done There was no relateable example Everything seemed superficial and inapplicable I ignored the warnings Sometimes we need a real story Maybe mine will rewrite yours.