Victims Give Good Advice

Yanilet G

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She had lost her role model, best friend, brother…. her everything.. His smile, his laugh, his joke’s will never be heard again. Only if he hadn’t… Only if he hadn’t looked at his phone. Just remembering the night which it happened. It haunted her and creeped in her dreams every night. She was there she witnessed it. She felt his pain the agony yet she couldn’t do anything. She was in pain as well but his was unbearable. She had scars that reminded her of the awful night. She wished that her brother would still be here next to her yet, the only thing left was the scars. All she could do is have him in her thoughts and pray that he was happy where ever he was. Her friends came and broke her free from the painful trance. They went into the car and were ready to leave. As they were backing up she felt an unsettling feeling. Just like that night when it had happened. They were now on their way to the restaurant. Her friends were all laughing and singing along yet she could not do the same. When her friend behind the wheel started using her phone while driving she reacted. No she can’t lose her friend like she did her brother. Her friends were the only thing left to her and to lose them as well would be the end of her. She decided to take action to prevent this catastrophe from occurring again. She moved closed to the friend and took the phone away. “Hey give that back! What do you think you are doing?” Her friend seemed clueless and She could not hold back anymore. “You are driving pay attention because if not I can lose all of you too!” She yelled earning the stares of the others. She had tears running down her cheeks sobbing at the idea of it occurring all over again. “Hey, look I am sorry I know its wrong. Sorry” Her friend parked and turned to hug her friend. She knew why she reacted like that. Her friend’s heart was in pieces after losing her older brother in an accident two years ago. He was driving and decided to look at some text messages. That is when everything went horribly wrong. He wasn’t paying attention to the road and he had gotten into the accident. The one that changed his life and his sister’s. She witness the final breath of her older brother and yet she stood here after witnessing such a gruesome scene. “I won’t do it again I promise.” Her friend reassured that she will be more responsible. She was glad that her friends can understand the danger of not paying attention to the road. She no longer felt afraid that she will lose those she cared for the most. Yet she was afraid for those who weren’t aware of what three seconds off the road can cause and who was affected. All she could do was hope that progress can be made to protect all of those on the road.