That Last Time

Daniel K

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The last time I laughed with you You smiled Which you didn’t do often So I remembered it The way the corners of your mouth pinched up As your lips curled out And your eyes grew wide The last time we talked You told me to meet you Around two or three no later for a cup of coffee At the cafe across town The one at the corner With the leather bound books in the window The last time I had seen you You walked across the lot as the sunlight began to fade into a starry blue Threw your backpack in the trunk And leaned against the car as you unlocked the front Soon to drive off With a wave as you left If I knew I would have admired your laugh awhile longer The kindness of your soft smile And the light that danced in your eyes That last time If I knew I would have told you That the cafe across town Was no good That the little bakery The one with chipping blue paint That sat by the beach Was the only place I wanted to be with you That last time If I knew As I saw you cross the lot under the fading light I would have ran to you Told you to ignore it To leave it in your pocket That nothing else was more important That if you did It would be O”ur last time Trust me now I’ll never forget And can’t bare to remember The way you smiled The way you laughed The way you had waved as you drove off If only I knew That last time…