Nothing will ever be the same

Sarahi G

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Every Saturday night was our night. We blasted music and sang our hearts away. My parents warned me but I did not care. My parents are just trying to ruin the fun, why though? They were young once, they already had their fun. This Saturday we celebrated my first acceptance letter. I picked my friends up one at a time until my car was full. Our song came up and all my friends started going wild. This is a moment that I had to record and put on social media. Before recording I got a text from my mama saying “I love you and I look forward to having you home”. Ugh I rolled my eyes and just raised the volume louder. I started going faster and faster until my stomach couldn’t take it no more. Perfect time to record. All I saw where lights,complete darkness, then red lights again. Another light held by a woman met my pupil. She started asking me questions that I could not answer. All I saw around me was yellow tape, I try to sit up but a sharp pain prohibited me from doing so. All I got a glimpse of was someone in a white bag. I could only see their leg, their bracelet had the other part of the heart that said “st nds”. It hit me, I felt my tears warm my face. My heart ached. I should’ve listened. If only I would’ve put down my music and put down my phone none of this would’ve happened. My parents were right. Oh gosh how I wish I could start this day over, start my life over. Why me? How can I live with myself? She had potential, she had dreams. She was the other part that completed me. How can I go off to college and enjoy my life knowing that my best friend should be in college too? How could I ever face her mother again? How can I live without my best friend? Will I ever forgive myself? Technology is both a blessing and a curse but I am the only one to blame. Nothing will ever be the same…