Driving Away from Your Distraction

Elijah M

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Its early in the morning and you are dressed Dress to succeed, Dress for success This is your day, and this is your time Your excited. You put your shoes on Then you head out to your car You’re driving Left at the stop sign, right at the light Your friend calls She calls to tell you good luck, because she knows this is your dream job She understands how much this means to you She calls because she knows you’re driving and want to help with your nerves But you don’t answer She’s confused so she calls again Still no answer She’s scared You’re smiling You’re driving, smile on your face Ready for your big day No distraction, because there is none There is no vibration in the car There is no ringing of the alarm Because it’s not here You left that distraction at home You memorized this path, so you could stay focus So that you have no distraction You memorized it so it just you on your way to your dream.