Stricter Driving

Anderw M

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An easier way to make driving for young drivers more strict and prevent more car accidents from happening is by threatening to take their licenses for causing accidents. No teenager will listen if you tell them that it only takes six points on your record for your license to be taken away. By telling teenagers that if they get into another accident or just get pulled over again, their license will be taken away. Getting a ticket for the first time is big, but when you are threatened that your license will be taken away by the second ticket that surely will create anxiety for young drivers. As a driver that has been in an accident, I know what it is like to be threatened with getting my license being taken away. It is a very unsettling thought that I live with every day until the points on my record have been lowered. Through my experiences, I believe after the first ticket or accident, the teenager who was the cause of the accident should be ticketed and warned about his/her license being taken away. It will lower the risk of young drivers becoming reckless and hazardous while driving on common roads. To this day I still see young drivers being reckless, trying to race people on the highway, playing chicken on back roads, swerving through traffic, and just plain being stupid with their driving. Another way to make sure teenage drivers are being safer drivers is by having their license be connected to their school work; making sure young drivers aren’t failing any of their classes and keeping a GPA above a 2.5. This way students have to put more time into their school work than just their driving. Having a 3.0 GPA also lowers your car insurance so that is one of the perks of putting more time into school work. It’s just another way to try to lower the risk of injury with many young drivers. Lastly, the most obvious way to lower any sort of injury or crash is by having the teenager’s adults install a tracker on their vehicle. That way they know how fast they are going, where they are going, and if they have gotten into an accident. When I got into my accident with my vehicle, my parents were alerted through the tracker. Also, on tracker you know the location of the teenager at all time as it can also be installed on their phones as well. In conclusion, having a tracker on a teenager, making sure they have good grades, and the threat of taking their license away are all excellent ideas. These ideas are what changed my bad driving habits from being reckless to now being aware of my surroundings and keeping my grades up. Overall, my ideas could lower the many risks and injuries that occur every year. The ideas that would be most effective to lower the risks is the tracker. As no teenager likes the thought of their parents knowing where they are all of the time.