Wait A Little Longer

Grace S

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Wait A Little Longer Standing at the gate, I could not believe my eyes. Was I really here? Did I really die? So much life before me. So much time to be. All of that was gone now. I was on social media you see. Oh, that video was so important! Everyone needed to know! For if I had not filmed it, I would have nothing to show. Mom always warned me to not be on my phone. She did not know how “important” it was that I had saw. Looking back at what happened as I waited for my turn. It was all my fault. I couldn’t resist the urge. Not only did I die that night, I took a family of four. They were standing here beside me. Something that I could not ignore. Lost with me was a father, mother, daughter and son. All because of me their life was done. To have my time back over. To listen to what I’ve known, The importance of not driving and being on my phone. Just a moment later, I awoke, opening my eyes. I was sitting at the stop light watching it go by. It was the scene that I had filmed, It was happening right there and then. I went to grab my phone but remembered where I’d been. I decided to not touch it. To keep it out of sight. No matter how hard I wanted it, I would not give up the fight. So, put away your phone, When you get behind the wheel. Then you are not tempted to post, What you see and how you really feel. Every text, post, picture and call can wait a little longer. You do not want to put your loved ones through your death, For them to cry, grieve and somber.