Little Boy

Maggie A

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Your nine years old and today’s the day, your mom lectures you, you say “okay, okay.” You can drive the go kart alone, you go and make the track your own It’s not a big car, but you feel so grown. There’s no way you could have known, you wouldn’t make it past eighteen. You grew up strong and tall. Scholarship set thanks to football. Your sister and mom were so proud. You could see them crying in the crowd, on senior night when your name was called. All this now you recall. You texted your mom “Be home soon” You lied and died That text was your doom. On the ground you fade away This wasn’t supposed to happen, it isn’t okay. No more growing strong and tall, No more Friday night football. Your mom will try and be brave, but she’ll miss her son who she couldn’t save. Your sister will be all alone, thanks to a message sent on a phone. It was a bad choice but you didn’t deserve for the road to curve and car to swerve. Be aware when you drive, a car is not a toy. Ask the mom that just lost her little boy.