Beauty in the road

Yoana L


One, two, three The photoshoot in the car The flashlight for the fame She takes out her mascara, Applies it in the eye She sees the sunset I guess some lipstick would be fine The beauty speaking in danger She keeps on driving and stops The red light appears just like her lips She said one more picture More followers and more fame The wind blows away hopelessly trying to stop everything The green light is on She applies more blush to her cheeks She goes into another road As she keeps on driving she turns around A sign was there DANGER, DANGER, DANGER It is too late Her heart beats The car is going down Down the hills Down the mountains Everything is dark Her last breath Her last day BOOM! The car hits She’s no longer there Her soul leaves A notification sounds… One, two, three


I was motivated on writing this poem due to what our society is going through. Now, many young women take pictures and do their makeup while driving in order to post their pictures in social media and to gain likes. Magazines, social media, and society has all influenced this and i think it is important to talk about within our community. It is a sad poem but something that i truly hope will make a change.