One Text Is All It Takes

Demarius D

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(Automated voice: Text message incoming from Sarah) Sarah: Hey John! Are you still coming to my birthday party? [ 4:25pm] John: Yeah, you know I wouldn’t miss it for the world, besides I got you a little surprise. [ 4:30 pm] Sarah: It starts at 6:00 pm so don’t be late, and oooh really! What’s the surprise? [ 4:35 pm] John: I won’t be late I promise. Now if I tell you it wouldn’t be much of a surprise anymore. [ 4:40 pm] Sarah: So I can’t get not even a tiny little hint? 🙁 [ 4:45 pm] John: You’re trying to get me with that sad face emoji aren’t you, well too bad its not gonna work this time, haha 😉 [ 4:50 pm] Sarah: Lol… fine, but it better be good 🙂 [ 4:55 pm] John: Don’t worry, it will be. [ 5:00 pm] Sarah: How long before you arrive? [ 5:10 pm] John: Not long at all. [ 5:15 pm ] Sarah: Great! I can’t wait to see you, and my surprise! <3 😉 [ 5:20 pm] John: I can’t wait to see you too! <3 [ 5:25 pm] Sarah: Awww! <3 [ 5:35 pm] Sarah: The party is starting… where are you?!?! [ 6:00 pm] Sarah: John you never showed up to the party is everything ok? I’m getting worry about you… 🙁 Text me back or call me so that I know you are safe. [6:30 pm] The last text John sent was at 5:25 pm and prior to that text John was driving on the highway and lost control of the wheel while trying to text Sarah back. The car flipped 3 times before it came to a halt by a tree. John never made it to the party, sadly he ended up in the hospital where he eventually died. He will never be able to ask Sarah out on a date or even give her the surprise he had in store for her birthday. One decision can lead to you being alive or not. Don’t risk your life for a text. It can wait. The end.