Rules for Driving as a Teenager

Morgan L

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Here is a list of rules for teenagers who are learning how to drive: 1. Always drive with one hand on the steering wheel. This is so that you can look cool because looks are always important no matter what you are doing. 2. Drive with the music blasting. It is very important to make sure the bass is turned all the way up. You want your friends who are in the car with you and other people in other cars around you to think that you are the “fun” friend in your group. 3. Make sure you drive 7 to 15 miles over the speed limit or more, but you cant get pulled over. The faster you drive without getting pulled over, the more entertainment you provide and people want to be acquainted with you. 4. Have Snapchat open on your phone and in your hand, so people can see how fast you are driving, what music you are listening to, who is with you, and how much fun you are all having. Then more people will think you are the one everyone wants to be around. If you follow these rules, you will be the most “fun” and “cool” one. Also, if you follow these rules you will put everyone you love and care about in danger including yourself and you will put people you do not even know in danger. You will be the reason for an accident that could be either not serious or life-threatening. You will have to live with the guilt of hurting another person. So put the phone down, turn down the music, and slow down. If you really care about your friends, then you will not put them in danger. It does not matter how others think of you, all the matters is how you view yourself. Can you live with the guilt if you hurt or worse kill someone?