I Just Wanted Her to Grow Old

Wendy N

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“Why are you speeding, Wendy? We are going to be late, regardless. Literally texting your friends right now about me while going 70 mph won’t help. WENDY AHHHHHHH.” Life is so precious. We are all constantly stressing, crying, and laughing from finding the perfect prom date to saying ” I love you” at the alter. Moments like these, it seems like nothing in the world could change the aura. Instances like those, we never realize how it could all change in a matter of a second. Life is so unpredictable and nothing is worth a single text. A few minutes away from technology until you have reached your destination will not only ensure your safety but others too. You are not the only person on the road. So next time you buckle up and prepare yourself for the drive, cruise and sing along to your favorite artist. Distance yourself from your device(s) and be present. Take in everything from good to bad. Make this lifetime a one to remember, for the both of us.