Distracted Hands

Ariana C

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In one second, I quickly flashed across the keys on your phone. You knew the message you had to send was very important. Your friend had texted you a joke, and you couldn’t resist replying “lol.” It’s perfectly okay, though. I only removed myself from the wheel for just a second. In two seconds, I quickly messed with the thermostat in your car. Too hot, too cold, I simply couldn’t decide what was the most comfortable. I eventually decided to give up and focus on the radio. Only one hand off of the wheel can’t be harmful, right? In three seconds, I changed the radio to a country station, to pop music, to rock music, and to the oldies station. Again, I couldn’t seem to make up my mind. I had barely returned to the wheel when something more important grabbed my attention. In four seconds your phone had pinged, showing in your notifications that someone wanted to chat with you through social media. Both of us hands decided to remove ourselves from the wheel and, we had hoped that your knees would take care of the steering for us as we responded to the conversation request. Just a few seconds couldn’t possibly be harmful. Oh, no! We were nowhere near the wheel and something was wrong. Your knees failed to steer the car correctly. I rapidly decided to grasp for the wheel to try to control the car again. We were running out of our lane, but I did our best to bring us back to our side of the road, even with your phone in your other hand. It was only a couple of seconds we were off the wheel, but it was only a split second for us hands to lose control of your car.