The Pocket Jail

Niels T

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THE VOICE, PART I Oh hi there! I was hoping you would notice me. You don’t want me pressing against your leg anymore. You don’t want to be alone. So take me in your hand, text her back, click play, laugh at his joke. During times like these I’m the only company you have. Take me out already! INTERLUDE, PART I She looks out of her window, and what does she see? People zooming everywhere, believing that they’re free She admits that she is trapped, yet she cannot run away The pocket-cell is waiting, waiting to betray. THE VOICE, PART II Girl, you made the right choice! Your friends need you. Stacy just broke up with James and Leah wants to go the mall this afternoon and Michael’s trying to pick a fight while Mom just wants you to pick up dish soap and You got seventeen likes but you Can’t see if one’s from Dyllan unless you Open me up just open me up please open me up. INTERLUDE, PART II She tells herself that it is fine if she doesn’t take too long She’s done it multiple times and nothing’s ever gone wrong She presses on the button and sees the happy screen flash It seems to tell her calmly that there couldn’t be a crash. THE VOICE, PART III Oh my gosh Dyllan didn’t let you down! What’d I tell you girl, you NEEDED to find that out. You’ve scratched your itch, I’m ok if you put me away now. Good job, I’m proud of you WAIT look up quick I’m telling you Please look up look up LOOK UP. INTERLUDE, PART III She lies there barely breathing as the pocket cell keeps dinging Every gleeful exclamation reminds her she’s unhinging If only she’d ignored The Voice this never would’ve happened She thought it always had her back but she clearly was abandoned. So don’t give in don’t tell yourself it really doesn’t matter ‘Cause as she learned it may seem fine but then it makes you shatter. She lies alone now, nothing left except for a statistic She never thought it’d end this way, to something so simplistic.