Be Careful

Alexis A

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You always say “be careful” As I get out of the car to stay the night at friends Or go on a school trip But I remember the first time you said it with true worry in your eyes The first time I drove by myself You gave me the load down of what not to do The usual speech every parent gives I knew I was a good driver and would get better with practice That day was the most careful I have ever driven It was fresh in my mind the dangers of driving Every week I got more comfortable which I believed to be a good thing I started turning up the music to where I could hear a buzz in my ears Started switching the stations every ten seconds I got bored of a song One day I felt the need to text my friend back and I remembered what you said But if I survived doing it once I can survive doing it again right? Everyone took videos of themselves driving fast and blaring music I’ve done it too many times to count Now everyone will know what I was doing I was taking a video as the light turned red I was taking a video as the other car turned into the other lane The camera is pointed towards me now Mom Will the others see how sorry I am Mom? I remember reading what the number one teen death is Motor vehicle accidents Mom please don’t let me become another statistic If only I would have listened to you Mom