Mother’s tears

Guillermo O

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There is no return from the afterlife if an after-life is what you believe in. Your mother has seen you on the news and she cannot stop screaming. Your little brother is confused, but your absence will affect him until it is his time to stop breathing. No one involved intended to hurt or be hurt by anyone when they woke up that morning but that day consisted of a rollover. You only sent 1 text but now 2 lives are over. You see someone’s child has gone to heaven, you may or may not make it. Let’s say you do by the grace of heaven, but even then there is a price to pay and a mother as well as the law will take. How, you ask, will I prevent myself from becoming a news article? How do I keep from making horrific mistakes. Well the answer is, my friend; Buckle up, stay sober, and look straight. Because no one likes it when a Mother’s heart breaks.