What Are Friends For?

Alison F

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“Girl! You have to check out this music video!” But did I have to? Did I really really have to? “Um…….I’m kind of driving right now if you can’t see.” I should have listened to myself. I knew better. “Yeah I can see that, but there’s this one dance break you’ve gotta see.” I wish I could have told her it wasn’t her fault. I wish I could apologize. “Look girl, we’re almost there and I don’t wanna miss the turn in this darkness.” It was so dark that night. “C’mon. I know you can hear how sick this song is and I know you wanna look.” That was the last look from me she’d ever get. “Ugh! Okaaay. You win, but I’m only gonna look for a second.” It was just one second. “Ha! Now check it out. Here, I’ll show you my phone screen so you can see.” If I had just focused on the road, I would have seen the headlights. “Oh my god! The choreo is ama–” Amazing. That’s what it’d be like if I could have my best friend back.