Gabriella V


With the hundreds of tragedies going on around the world, Driving is in our control. So then why is it that every year millions are injured Just because we don’t take on our role? Eyes on the road, they say. Pay attention. Buckle up, they say. An act of prevention. Where are these rules when we need them the most? Where are the tools to make sure we’re not ghosts? In our body, In our mind, In our heart, In our drive. Learn to be the better man, The better driver, The better listener, The better striver. This will ensure that we all are survivors.


Before one can implement change, the desire for change must be present. There can always be more rules, regulations, and laws added to try and prevent reckless driving. However, the real solution to all of these problems lies in the actions of every individual who wants to see an alteration in the statistics of death by reckless and distracted driving.