A way to saving lives behind the wheel.

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On average 102 people die a day because of car accidents and about a fourth of those are because of texting and driving. In order to bring those numbers down effectively, a drastic change must occur within the car industry. Nowadays through marketing and laws being enforced on drivers, the deaths and amount of accidents has gone down a little if any. What needs to done is not having more laws or advertisements but a change in the cars that are actually involved in the car accidents. Without a car you cant have a car accident obviously. Therefore manufacturers should add and change the build of the car. Manufactures should change their and a a feature to it where cars would have a place where you can set your phone in. This would allow the car to detect if a phone is present in the car. Doing so would significantly lower the number of accidents and deaths per year due to being distracted by a phone. What manufactures would do is have a space to put your phone, and also be able to detect who and how many phones are in the car. This detector would automatically slow down and stop the car if the person driving is using the phone for any other app besides phone calls and maps. The car would only have have one compartment on the side of the driver where the phone of the driver would be placed and able to use the phone only for phone calls and maps. This means that passengers or anybody else besides the driver can have their phones out and able to use them. Lets say the one person was going out somewhere, this could allow the only one person that will be driving to bring two phones to set one in the compartment where the car would detect it. Then use the real phone they use to text and do whatever on the phone while driving. This would stop the car and turn it off since the car would be able to detect how many phones and how many people are in the car.