dont txt me

Nat B

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omg Look at what Kris just sent me! “im driving lmao” So I say, “crazy yo” I would be worried But she’s not in a hurry And she’s careful, man She looks up every now and again We text for a bit Matching our wits And then, and then A twist, I think “look @ this” She texts me a link It’s some funny vid, I laugh out crying I text her back, “lmfao dying” I wait a while, her responses are a hoot! ————- And no answer. I sit uneasy, something is wrong A feeling is tickling down my neck Is it sweat? Or guilt? I turn to the news, a traffic report on Another life gone I hoped they wouldn’t say her name Then they did. It turns out When I was “laughing out crying” She missed a turn And now she’s gone. I should have stopped her She would have listened to me If only I had told her… I had the power I caused her last hour We knew better We wouldn’t have done this with earbuds or phone calls We know how those make our attention fall But texting seemed more… okay? She should be alive And would be today We both had the power But I caused her last hour… ————-