Reckless Driving

brianna m

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Reckless Driving Reckless driving is an operation that leads to damage and accidents. This crime is a Class E felony. Statistics prove that six out of ten people commit these crimes due to distraction or because of the use of alcohol. One major reason why accidents are occuring is because of distraction. People tend to get distracted with their cell phone. Although, using your cellphone or electronic device is against the law while driving, 12% of the accidents happen because of this. We must make people realize that using a cellphone when driving can cause a person to lose their life. Another reason why this crime is committed is because of speeding. From 2003-2007 reckless driving has contributed to 7.4% of crash fatalities. This percent has been increasing as the years pass causing more arguments about age requirement to drive. In North Carolina the law doesn’t allow the judges to reduce the charge of DWI to reckless driving. This only permits judges to decide whether you’re guilty or innocent, there are no special exceptions. Just like North Carolina other countries are trying to promote the laws by passing policies in states that encourage people to be more careful when driving. In addition, if teenagers start getting informed of the consequences and impact they are making to the society when driving, they will be more responsible. There are many organizations such as the, Impact Teen Drivers that educates teens about the responsibilities they have when driving. This is a non-profit organization that provides free online materials and school presentations. This organization has reached about 2 million students because they are also teaching them through social media (Facebook and Twitter). In order for people to make a change and stop reckless driving they must inform students. They must develop more non-profit organizations that will help them prevent more accidents. Adults shouldn’t expect these teen to learn themselves because they are barely learning about the real world problems and they must learn to no commit the same mistakes as the past generations. The government must also make more laws or policies that help either change the age requirements to drive, just to make drivers be more careful.