Distracted driving

Brooke A

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Imagine getting a call that your best friend won’t make it through the night because of someone believing it’ll be okay if I look down at my phone or I just had a few drinks and I live right down the road. Distracted driving kills. In 2015 distracted driving killed 3,744 people and almost 400,000 people were injured. Just a few seconds off the road can change your life or others in a blink of an eye. There is no real solution to this problem not everybody will stop to save a life because they believe that it won’t happen to them. But this is not true, it can happen to anyone. People need to learn to realize that it’s not just your life at stake, imagine being the one who caused a family to lose their mother. Imagine being the one who cuts a young boys life short on his way to his first football game he has been waiting all day to play. None of this is meant to scare you or to upset you but every single person can make a difference just a few people thinking before they get behind a wheel will cut the fatality rates down. A possible solution could be like what they have in cars when the radio won’t play if your seat belt isn’t on, what if we make an app that hooks up to the Bluetooth in your car that turns off all notifications except people on your emergency call list and Google maps. This could stop distracted driving with mobile devices, thus decreasing the fatality rate greatly.