I Won’t Be Like The Other Kids

Caitlin L

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I guess that’s what happens when you get distracted, A wreck, one person dead because of a text. Another statistic. Another kid to die. There’s red and blue flashing lights Police cars, ambulances line both sides of the street. Traffic is stopped at the grisly scene “There’s been a horrible accident, I’m afraid”, I overhear an Officer saying this on the phone to another anguished Mom; Meanwhile, my phone is exploding with calls and texts Everything is dark, except for my cracked, bright screen The accident looks really, really bad. “Are you okay? It’s past curfew” My phone vibrates later. It’s Mom again. It reads: “Be safe honey, I <3 you!”, “I love you, and I promise I will :^)”, is the reply I give my mom’s text Checking my phone won’t hurt me I’ll make sure I’m really safe, I promise I won’t be like the other kids Read it again, from bottom to top.