The phone can wait

Alyssa B

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My friend came to pick me up. We were headed to the mall. Her phone was constantly getting text messages. We were in a busy part if downtown when she picked up her phone. She was reading all of the messages. She would look up what few seconds but that wasn’t good enough for me. I was starting to freak out and worry with busy traffic around us. I was surprised we hadn’t hit anyone yet. We were at a red light with her still on her phone. I decided enough was enough. She might become angry with me but I need to say something. “So, I want to talk”. ” About what?” ” Your phone”. ” What about it?” ” I would really appreciate it if you stopped using it and pages attention to the road. I feel uncomfortable and afraid that we might hit someone because of your phone. The best thing you could do is either put it in silent on turn it off until we get to the mall. It would make me feel so much better and keep us safer. The phone can wait, our safety can’t.” She looked at me and I thought I just ruined our friendship. ” Ok, I see what your saying. I’ll put it on silent and you hold it until the mall”. She gave me the phone. ” I didn’t mean to frighten you. I didn’t think you would mind that much but now I see I was wrong. I’m sorry for putting you in that position”. We got to the mall safely and everything was okay. You have to say something if the texting and driving makes you uncomfortable. Remember, DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE, THE PHONE CAN WAIT. YOUR SAFETY CAN’T.